About us

Green Swan Communications was born in 1998 as a digital production facility providing audio visual multimedia services to the entertainment industry. In 2001 we recognized a need in the market for affordable and reliable internet services, and thus began our journey into the world of digital communications. Due to our high service standards we were inundated with requests to provide peripheral services like networking and ICT management to our client database. We saw this as a need in the market for a comprehensive communications service provisioning. Since then we have without fail delivered efficient, effective and productive solutions to a variety of clients, from home user to corporate.

Our Passion

In a world driven by the need to satisfy the demands of a high productivity environment, Green Swan Communications has focused its attention on detail and quality, while endeavoring to always provide solutions within a time framework that will satisfy our clients and help improve their bottom line. From the training of our staff to the kind of assets we invest in, our driving passion is always quality. We understand that the best of equipment combined with poor workmanship or underdeveloped skills is of no value and is detrimental to our long term success in this market.

Where we’re going….

Green Swan Communications has a passion for quality and success. Our worldview is built on integrity, reliability, and endurance. We believe that our destiny is only as big as our dreams are… and dreaming big is what we’re good at! We are positioning ourselves to become the premier supplier of fibre optic networking and web based solutions to both corporate, state, and SMME markets.

We believe our value system, together with our dedication to prompt delivery will win us the favour of a wider client base, and thus create a demand for our services across Africa. We are a wholly black owned business (Level 1 BEE) with a strong commitment to skills development and the empowerment of previously disadvantaged people. Together we will work towards the economic and academic freedom of our country and its people.