What we do

Green Swan Infrastructure has evolved to specialise in primarily four areas of expertise. Each division of GSI has its own specialists whose life passion is the skills that they have acquired. For them nothing is more academically satisfying than to see the results of their efforts appreciated by admiring clients…and we have attracted many of those!

Infrastructure Development

Green Swan Infrastructure specializes in the design, implementation, operation and management of energy, water, and technology infrastructure. We bring together funders, engineers, and clients to develop the ideal solution that will have long term returns for our clients and their communities. Renewable energy is our passion, with a devoted drive towards helping communities realize the global vision of reducing the environmental impact of energy consumption, thereby preserving a beautiful planet for our children. We are engaged in innovative research to find ways to reduce carbon emissions from already existing thermal energy plants as well as other industrial and commercial processes and activities.

Our bulk water supply infrastructure system is designed to provide clean, healthy water to cities and grass roots communities in Africa, ensuring that this most basic human right is within the reach of every individual inhabiting our beautiful continent. Our primary benefit to our clients is the innovative financing solutions that enable immediate deployment of much needed infrastructure, while reaping the returns over a long term investment scenario. From PPP participation to Build-Operate-Transfer/ Build-Own-Operate models of implementation, our solutions suit the needs of every environment and ensure that the full benefit of each system is passed on to the communities being served. Funding is sourced from private equity investors, development banks, crowd sourcing, and/ or debt financing.

Resource Audits and Consulting

Energy, water, and technology audits are performed for the purpose of assessing the consumption and usage statistics of the client, with the goal of making recommendations for more efficient use of these resources. Recommended solutions are relevant and dated to ensure the greatest advantage to our client, while ensuring maximum benefit to the environment. Training of management and staff as well as the general labor force of the client is integral to the success of the solution. All documentation is prepared and provided, specific to the solution provided and the circumstances of the client.. There is no greater contributor to social transformation than a faith in the truths that warrant that change. We believe our solutions inspire confidence in the principles that will build a better future for the next generation

Social Responsibility Planning and Development

Green Swan Infrastructure understands the dynamics that influence the successful empowerment of communities, as well as the factors affecting economic advancement. Our team of experts have been involved in social development initiatives for many years and understand the intricacies that govern the development of local communities, and ultimately the national economy.

From personal coaching to entrepreneurial incubation, we understand the elements that shape the landscape of economic growth within the African context, and are thus able to insightfully advise and consult on the impact of infrastructure implementations within a given context, as well as design and engineer programmes aimed at maximizing benefit to the communities and relevant stakeholders involved.

We are especially adept at being able to implement social responsibility initiatives on behalf of private corporate clients aimed at developing and empowering communities, small business, and individuals within the context of the client’s operations. Our ability to marry public sector initiatives with that of corporate stakeholders has resulted in resounding success stories for communities as a whole, as well as for small business, women and children. We view every project as an opportunity for the growth and empowerment of all individuals within that environment. Our solutions are aimed at long term sustainability and profitability, as well as immediate value realization.

Effective Programme Management & Consulting

One of the fundamental pillars to an implementation success story is good programme management.
Green Swan Infrastructure averts disaster and future loss of productivity by making the most effective project and consulting teams available to its client on an around the clock basis. Our personnel breathe and live the intrinsic value of the endeavour at hand. Our team was chosen because of the passion and motivation each one has displayed for their area of skill. This means that with the dedication and determination of our team at hand, no project can fail to achieve a level of success not even anticipated by its originators.

Planning an effective strategy for management and implementation of a project requires skill, experience, and predictive intuition, all of which our team has evidenced in their involvement with all projects in the past. Our relationships run deep, thereby creating an ethos of trust and confidence, enabling our managers to swiftly and effectively plan a rollout that works. This inevitably translates to efficiency and client contentment in the rollout process. Of equal importance is the suitable acquisition and management of skills needed to implement a project plan. Delivery variables play a far greater role than cost considerations, and thus no manager is allowed to compromise on quality while trying to cut costs.