What we do

Green Swan Communications has evolved to specialise in primarily four areas of expertise. Each division of GSC has its own specialists whose life passion is the skills that they have acquired. For them nothing is more academically satisfying than to see the results of their efforts appreciated by admiring clients…and we have attracted many of those!

Internet Service Provider

iCyt ISP is the web provisioning arm of Green Swan Communications, responsible for the creation and implementation of all internet related solutions that may be required by our clients. Here we pride ourselves in providing tailor made services that will suit the budget and functional requirements of every individual client. Our services include domain registrations, email, internet access (ADSL, leased line, HSDPA, wireless), web page hosting, web page design, E-commerce implementation, web based data storage, hosted server solutions, content control and management, network and internet security, VPN solutions, and VoIP communications amongst others


Our networking specialists are geared to handle any implementation from CAT5e and wireless to optic fibre solutions. We are proficient at needs assessment, designing your network and professionally integrating the entire solution into your existing way of doing business. We are especially proficient in upgrading networks and providing solutions that will add long term benefits to a company’s efficiency quotient. To this end our networking specialists are skilled to the highest standards in fibre optic networking, including all forms of splicing, fusion, and termination. Drawing from a deep knowledge base and lengthy experience, they are able to quickly and effectively configure networking software, as well as intuitively resolve any problems a network may face

Radio Network Planning and Optimisation

Our network design and engineering team is proficient in all forms of network survey and design, ensuring our client requires minimal personnel deployment, while gaining maximum benefit from our professional skills and resource base.Our network design and engineering team is proficient in all forms of network survey and design, ensuring our client requires minimal personnel deployment, while gaining maximum benefit from our professional skills and resource base.

Our planners and engineers come with a combined exposure of over 40 years in network planning and optimisation, and have cut their teeth in the most challenging of telecommunications environments. Having faced and overcome the demands and challenges of an emerging telecommunications market, they are well equipped to deal with any difficulties that may be experienced in the deployment of a new network.

Their experience in Radio Frequency, microwave, fibre and copper networks have given us the edge in efficient delivery and intuitive design. Staying abreast of the latest advances in telecommunications technology has enabled us to be relevant and effective in establishing a trusted and reliable name in the communications industry. From site surveys, to infrastructure design, network commissioning, and build engineering, we are able to manage and implement a project safely, effectively, and professionally.
Our teams are able to implement according to our clients’ standards and time frames anywhere in Africa, ensuring that our client is able to effectively penetrate any market, anywhere.

Optic Fibre Installation

One of our unique areas of specialisation is in the field of fibre trenching. Our staff, contractor, and equipment complement enables us to lay underground fibre lines at an ideal rate of 2000 meters per day, assuming all working variables at an optimum. Particular attention is paid to organised planning, non-negotiable safety standards, and impeccable refinishing.

ICT Project Management

Without the correct project planners applying their skill to a rollout of any nature, trouble is certain to brew on the not too distant horizon. Green Swan Communications averts this kind of disaster and future loss of productivity by making the most effective project management team available to its client on an around the clock basis. Our project management team breathes and lives the intrinsic value of the endeavour at hand. Our team was chosen because of the passion and motivation each one has displayed for their area of skill. This means that with the dedication and determination of our team at hand, no project can fail to achieve a level of success not even anticipated by its originators.

Technical Network Implementation

Our teams are able to carry out Base Transceiver Station swops and BTS new builds, as well as install and configure new microwave equipment according to our clients’ requirements. We are able to erect and install towers, masts and most types of equipment enclosures, as well as install equipment relative to all of the common platforms used today. Each team is proficient in testing, assessing, and accurately reporting the status of network equipment post installation, as well as maintaining site equipment and attending to down time problems as they occur.

Our technicians are constantly updated with the latest technology standards, and are expected to keep abreast with the safety and installation requirements for all components of wireless network installation, including microwave radio equipment, switches, antennae, and transceivers. Our collaborative relationships allow us to be proficient in both electronic and non-electronic infrastructure installations, thereby providing a turnkey technical solution to our client, which inevitably minimizes losses and optimises efficiency and accountability.